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Two New Classes Opening -- April 7 and April 21

Good news for our Brothers on the HGA wait list! Two new classes are opening on April 7 and April 21. The wait list of nearly 700 was sorted by date. Half can formally register now. If you are in that first group, an email with registration details was sent to you today. A few short things to fill out and you're in!

The second half of the wait list also received an email informing you that the formal registration email will be sent on April 9 at 6 am. Keep an eye out for it.

We appreciate your patience as we got the inaugural class underway. It's going smoothly. We welcome all of you to this rich and challenging experience.

Be active here in the forum too! Reach out to each other with questions and support.

Any questions, email


  • Thanks, Admin--

    A lot of the Brethren have been asking. I will let my Scottish Rite/Lodge brothers know.



  • 700 - that's great news. I'm in the 2nd group, looking forward to it! - F - Mark

  • I registered and received confirmation on March 29 to begin the April 7 class but where and how do I begin the class? Thanks.

  • I must confess my confusion as well...I registered before the due date and believe I was a part of the first group, but haven't received any further instructions, and I am anxious to get started.

  • Same here.
  • Hello brothers, I am registered for th April 21 class! Looking forward to it.

  • I too am registered and looking forward to this.

  • I received an email that I was accepted into Haut Grades class starting today, April 21, 2018. I registered and filled out the JotForm. I haven't gotten an email that shows me how to start the course today.

    Can anyone tell me the status of the course that is supposed to start today?

  • I am really disappointed in the Scottish Rites HGA handling of the registration.I had received a email that said i was to get another email on 4/9 but did not get it .I had email 4 times and finely last night 4/20 received a email to register ,i did it and nothing ,which i figured because all registration had to be completed by 4//18.
    what is real confusing is that the person who is changer of registration was gone and did not not come back to his office until 4/16 which made registration issues a real problem, giving you one day to register . I feel like the Scottish Rite could have done a better job.

  • How do we start the April 21 class?????

  • Just want to say thank ,by 11:30 am i got a email to start the class.

  • It sounds like some are having problems but for me registration and startup for the April 21 class has worked as promised.

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