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AASR Degree Festival - Albany - Nov 10th

AASR Degree Festival - Saturday Nov.10 at Albany NY -** LIVE** conferral of 7th , 11th , 22nd ( musical ) , 30th and 32nd Degrees. Video 4th Degree will be available at 8:30 a.m. if prospective Brother has not taken it in his home Valley. Banquet to follow at Albany Hilton.


  • contact event coordinator Dave Barkstedt for further information. The Class is now in the 35-40 range. All newly made SPRSs will receive a black SR cap and custom jewel

  • After Action Report : Over 50 Brothers joined the Valleys of Albany , Troy , Hudson and Schenectady at the Degree Festival. The 4 Valleys worked in concert to confer live the 7th , 11th , 22nd ( musical version ) , 30th and 32nd Degrees , followed by a festive board at the Albany Hilton with over 80 in attendance. It was a very good day for Scottish Rite Masonry in upstate New York

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