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  • I received a postcard in the mail asking for my membership verification of member data. I just plain forgot and didn't respond to the first postcard. I received a second postcard saying I must respond to 1-866-530-7611 in the next five days. Wondering as to the validity of the card, I attempted to log on to this website using information on the card. I received a response from the website the information (member I'd/birth date) did not match the website records. I pulled out my dues/endowed membership card, setup an account, and logged in. Searching the website for information pro or Conn about this membership verification process and finding nothing, prompting this question.. "Is this verification legitimate, or is this a scam (as now I suspect) to retrieve information? The card points to: for more information on this project.

  • Hi -- Yes, this is a legit project sponsored by the NMJ to update member records. The endeavor is run by PCI (an outside vendor) and that is why their credentials will not work on this site. We keep this locked down to our members only. The is an information-only page for members like yourself with questions.

    Sorry it's confusing, but you are not compromised. It is legit. and I will pass your note onto Michael Russell on staff who is heading up the PCI endeavor.

    If you want to be included in a directory that PCI is building for us, then do be in touch with them. If you have updated your information the member center here then you can stop there if you so choose.

    Hope that answers your questions. Post again if you need any additional information.

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