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Invite them in.

Our Valley (Rochester) has a modified brother bring a brother policy. Any SR Mason can invite a Master Mason from his lodge to come to any of our tiled meetings, so long as no degree work is performed. The visiting brother is treated to dinner on the Valley.

There is nothing in our opening or closing ritual that would divulge any secrets that a Master Mason would not already have been obligated on when he took his degrees in his lodge.

To date we have had Master Masons come to our meetings to see what we are all about. . .which is the point in trying this out.


  • Hi '9707--

    That is a great idea.

    As a relatively new 32° Mason, I do not know what tiled meetings are in a Valley.

    I have gone to several Reunions, but not any Installations of Officers, etc. What are the tiled Valley meetings?

    Thanks in advance.

  • 9707~
    I agree with Bro Keith- This is truly a great..

  • Tiled Valley meetings are the stated business meetings and special meetings of the bodies in your Valley. (The Scottish Rite bodies are open with the Tiler at the door. Stated (meaning the bylaws state that the body will meet on a specific day) meetings are where elections, installations, annual reports, and other Valley business takes place. Special meetings include Reunions. They also have the Tiler, but the bylaws don't list specific dates for them to take place.

    A Consistory meetings is also called a Rendezvous, while the other three Scottish Rite Bodies are called Convocations.

  • Many thanks for the clear information, Bob_Porter!

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